Our company is one of the top ranking Air-conditioning repair and maintenance companies in U.A.E. especially in Dubai. Our company’s highly skilled and seasoned teams of AC technicians possess decades of cooling systems maintenance, repairs and installation experience that ensures delivery of excellent quality HVAC services, installation of AC Ducts in Advance Chillers and Split Air-conditioning Units, Refilling of Air-conditioning Gas and offer dynamic preventive cooling maintenance services to our valued clients in Dubai and other parts of U.A.E.



We are have targeted our self to become one of the best and biggest cooling and heating solutions provider in U.A.E, We Keep on Investing in our staff’s training, new equipment and customer service to be as modern and up to date as the trends change.


We’ve been doing Air Conditioning repairs for so long, that most of the times we might even be able to tell you what is the problem before we even do the inspection. We understand that you want to make sure you call a real professional that has the experience to do an accurate diagnosis of the problem. You want to feel confident that you don’t overspend your hard earned money on unnecessary fixes. We understand your situation. When we visit your home or business, and even though we might already have an idea of what is the problem, we’ll still do a thorough inspection of the problem. We need to make sure we do it right – the first time. Once we finish our diagnosis process, we’ll then present you with the options to get it fixed. We’ll also tell you our expert recommendation based on the cause of the problem and your own situation. That way you can be assured that we’ll do what is best for you.


Running a business is hard, especially in this tough and competitive economy. You already have millions things to do. Dealing with a broken AC most likely wasn’t on your already filled to-do list. Our goal is to get your AC fixed fast. After doing the thorough inspection to find the cause of the problem we’re going to tell you and explain all the options to get your AC unit properly repaired. Our technician will then provide you with an expert recommendations based on your business needs. we cover from small business clients to big enterprise solutions, warehouses to factories and facilities like schools, hospitals and many more.